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Dec 6 2014 10:00AM
Political talk for liberty-minded Buckeyes with Bill Yarbrough and Scott Pettigrew

Saturdays at 10:00AM -- streaming right here.

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We need to tell the programmer to correct for that time :)scott pettig
Nov 22 2014 8:02AM
LOL! That's server time we use from our hosting service. Cheap ass studio, cheap as call in number, cheap ass web page too apparentlyHost Bill
Nov 22 2014 7:14AM
But what the hell country do you go to for this? Time stamp say 7:12 AMGreggNorris
Nov 22 2014 7:13AM
Thanks Gregg. Great to have youHost Bill
Nov 22 2014 7:12AM
Nice job guys, 1st I have gotten to hear live.GreggNorris
Nov 22 2014 7:12AM
Single topic 2 pages max.GreggNorris
Nov 22 2014 6:53AM
thanks, Gregg -- coming upHost Bill
Nov 22 2014 6:53AM
Why do we assume one dressed as a police officer with gun they are not a threat but dressed as a civilian with gun they are?GreggNorris
Nov 22 2014 6:50AM
Hey - we're talking immigration & Obama.... Your opinions & thoughts are wanted!scott pettig
Nov 22 2014 6:31AM
Welcome! If joining after 10:00 and cannot hear the show, refresh the page.Host Bill
Nov 15 2014 4:49AM